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Mitzi Szereto featured in Crime Writers' Association Readers News
May 2, 2023

Mitzi Szereto featured in Crime Writers' Association Readers News

Mitzi Szereto discusses her new book and the editorial process for her true crime series The Best New True Crime Stories at the Crime Writers' Association Readers News

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The Best New True Crime Stories: Crimes of Famous & Infamous Criminals - a
Apr 19, 2023

The Best New True Crime Stories: Crimes of Famous & Infamous Criminals - a "highly recommended" from Defrosting Cold Cases

Defrosting Cold Cases gives high praise to The Best New True Crime Stories: Crimes of Famous & Infamous Criminals.

"In this book, Mitzi Szereto has again managed to assemble a superb selection of short story writers who tell us about crimes that will forever baffle us.... Another highly recommended book in a series you cannot overlook if you are interested in criminology."

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Transformative Travel E Course with Phil Cousineau
May 8, 2023 12:00 PM

Transformative Travel E Course with Phil Cousineau

Since he was a boy riding in the family Ford station wagon from Detroit to points all over America with his parents and brother and sister, Phil Cousineau has been fascinated with travel. He has taken cross-country motorcycle trips, driven the length of Route 66, sailed on the Mediterranean, taken trains from the Arctic to Cape Horn, dragged movie cameras down the Amazon River on a film shoot, and led groups around Ireland, France, and Greece on mythic journeys.

Along the way Cousineau read accounts of the greatest travelers in history, and asked travel advice from thousands of fellow pilgrims. He shares what he has learned in this e-course on "Transformative Travel."

Cousineau, who is profiled on S&P as a Living Spiritual Teacher, is the author of the worldwide bestseller The Art of Pilgrimage: The Seeker's Guide to Making Travel Sacred. He was the host of Global Spirit, an "internal travel series" on PBS and LinkTV. Truly a renaissance man, he brings a wide variety of experiences to this subject.

"I have come to the happy conclusion that there is no such thing as a boring destination and no excuse for meaningless travel," Cousineau says of his philosophy. "All we need to do is open our hearts and minds, follow a few road-worthy practices, try a few tricks of perspective, and be curious and respectful wherever we go. Then we can discover what the ancients called 'the soul of the world.' If we are lucky enough to experience that, we might feel our spirits soar, and sense the kind of transformation that history’s great travelers, from Ibn Battua to Freya Stark, Mark Twain to Pico Iyer, have all written about — the ability to come home again and see our own backyards as sacred ground."

This e-course is designed to provide you with a satchel-full of practices, rituals, ceremonies, and tricks of attention and intention, that will encourage you to craft your next journey in a way that will evoke the most meaning, joy, and significance. You will receive 12 emails with:

  • Essays from Phil on ways to find meaning on the road
  • Journaling prompts to help you discover your own approach to travel
  • Suggested reading, movies, and music on the themes of the emails
  • Exercises with travel photographs for contemplation
  • Access to a one-hour conversation on Zoom with Phil on June 1 (time tbd).

Sign up to widen your notions about what travel can offer — whether you are planning a trip abroad, visiting a park or a new city, venturing to a different part of your own community, or attending a reunion or graduation. After all, if life is a journey and the world is an inn, as a wise man once said, then it is up to you to decide if you will embark as a tourist, traveler, or pilgrim, which will in turn determine if you will be a stranger or the unmet friend to those you encounter on the long and winding road. It’s time to unfold your own journey.


Marita Golden In person reading
Jun 22, 2023 7:00 PM

Marita Golden In person reading

Marita Golden, a prominent interviewee of Oprah Winfrey, wrote this mental and physical health guide for women to learn who they are, to set healthy boundaries, and to jump into health related fitness practices to balance out their daily lives.

Know Yourself.Jump start your relationship with yourself. Renowned author Marita Golden goes in-depth on how using meditation, silence, prayer, affirmations, and reflections allows for internal trust and confidence to blossom in your daily life.

Set Boundaries. Setting boundaries can be difficult but they are necessary to living life as a strong woman in today's world. Everyone else's burdens are not yours to carry and no, you don't have to fix everyone you come across! Learn how to set emotional boundaries, physical boundaries, and other boundaries to live freely.

Marita Golden is an award-winning author of over twenty works of fiction and nonfiction. Her books include the novels The Wide Circumference of Love, and After and the memoirs Migrations of the Heart, Saving Our Sons and Don’t Play in the Sun One Woman’s Journey Through the Color Complex Her most recent work of nonfiction is The Strong Black Woman How a Myth Endangers the Physical and Mental Health of Black Women. She is the recipient of many awards including the Writers for Writers Award presented by Barnes & Noble and Poets and Writers, an award from the Authors Guild, and the Fiction Award for her novel After awarded by the Black Caucus of the American Library Association. She has lectured and read from her work internationally. She has appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show, been featured as an answer of Jeopardy, is a two-time NAACP Image Award nominee. She has been frequently interviewed on NPR.

Co-founder and President Emerita of the Zora Neale Hurston/ Richard Wright Foundation, Marita Golden is a veteran teacher of writing. She taught at the University of Lagos, in Nigeria and has served as a member of the faculties of the MFA Graduate Creative Writing Programs at George Mason University and Virginia Commonwealth University and in the MA Creative Writing Program at John Hopkins University. She has served as Distinguished Writer in Residence at the University of the District of Columbia. As a literary consultant, she offers writing workshops, coaching, and manuscript evaluation services.

Dr. Amber Thornton is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Default Parenting + Millennial Motherhood Wellness Expert. She is the Founder of Balanced Working Mama, where the mission is to support millennial mothers in creating a life of more balance and wellness. Dr. Thornton resides in Washington, DC with her husband and 2 children. She is deeply passionate about helping other working mothers fulfill their goals, passions, and find more joy throughout their motherhood experiences.