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Women Who Murder - featured at Horror Fuel
Feb 11, 2024

Women Who Murder - featured at Horror Fuel

Women Who Murder: An International Collection of Deadly True Crime Tales - now featured at Horror Fuel!

"Each case study offers a unique puzzle, challenging readers to question their preconceived notions of gender and criminality. Through these unsettling narratives, the book sheds light on the complexities of human behavior and the darkness that can lurk within anyone. Don't miss this chilling exploration of the female psyche and the true crime genre's under-explored territory."


Women Who Murder - a book review from Readers' Favorite
Feb 3, 2024

Women Who Murder - a book review from Readers' Favorite

 "From ritual murder to serial killers, this book has it all. It’s a must-read book for all fans of true crime. If you want to understand what drives a woman to kill, this is the book for you." - Readers Favorite


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Heroines Journey storytelling workshop with Kate Farrell!
Jan 6, 2024 2:00 PM

Heroines Journey storytelling workshop with Kate Farrell!

As we journey along well-worn tourist paths or to far flung destinations, we are eyewitnesses. If we gather not only photos and mementos, but chronicle our adventures with well-told stories, we can entertain our listeners.

The years of early childhood, the first flickers of memory, are precious. Where did it all start? To get a sense of yourself and your own life story, take some time to reflect.

Life offers many challenges—not all are the same size or type. Whatever a particular challenge meant to you, you faced it down, and became the wiser. 

Defining stories are at the heart of self-discovery. They have the power to express our unique identity to others. Circumstances bring out the best and worst in us, but more importantly, they expose our true nature.

Family stories matter. They directly impact how we see ourselves because they give us an idea of where we come from and where we’re going. 

Enjoy the talent and amazing stories of the workshop storytellers! Each teller will have five minutes to share his or her favorite story created in the West Portal series.


Celebrating The Hero In You writing workshop with Marita Golden
Feb 23, 2024 12:00 PM

Celebrating The Hero In You writing workshop with Marita Golden

February is a month in which we celebrate African-American men and women heroes. In addition, this year let’s celebrate ourselves, for the many ways in which we perform big and small acts of heroism for ourselves and others.

As we become more conscious of supporting mental health and wellness, acknowledging our gifts, our value, and our heroism becomes part of the new language we are creating.

In this workshop, we will discuss and write about our daily or regular acts of heroism in our family, friendship, and work circles and how those acts have enlarged us.

We’ll talk and write about how heroism for most of us is not exceptional, but built into the fabric of our lives. And we’ll speak the names of the unsung “ordinary” heroes who inspired us.  

Using prose or poetry we’ll write about our personal heroes, as well as our own heroic moments. 

How have parents, teachers, friends, and strangers, shown up in our lives and lifted us to new heights?

Protected or even saved us?

How have we done the same? 

Bring your pen, paper, questions, and get ready to be inspired!


Marita Golden is an award-winning author of over twenty works of fiction and nonfiction. Her books include the novels The Wide Circumference of Love, and After and the memoirs Migrations of the Heart, Saving Our Sons and Don’t Play in the Sun One Woman’s Journey Through the Color Complex Her most recent work of nonfiction is The New Black Woman: Loves Herself, Has Boundaries, and Heals Every Day, a sequel to her book, The Strong Black Woman: How a Myth Endangers the Physical and Mental Health of Black Women.


Marita Golden is a popular speaker who has presented keynote addresses, presentations and lectures in diverse venues from HBCUs, colleges and universities to corporations and nonprofits.  She has been a consultant with John Hopkins Medical, presenting quarterly workshops on mental health, radical self-care, and writing as a tool for healing. She has spoken on radical self-care at Yale, MIT, and The Kennedy School of Government.

She is the recipient of many awards including the Writers for Writers Award presented by Barnes & Noble and Poets and Writers, an award from the Authors Guild, and the Fiction Award for her novel After, awarded by the Black Caucus of the American Library Association.  She has lectured and read from her work internationally. She has appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show, been featured as a question on Jeopardy, and is a two-time NAACP Image Award nominee. She has been frequently interviewed on NPR.

Co-founder and President Emerita of the Zora Neale Hurston/ Richard Wright Foundation,  Marita Golden is a veteran teacher of writing. She taught at the University of Lagos, in Nigeria and has served as a member of the faculties of the MFA Graduate Creative Writing Programs at George Mason University and Virginia Commonwealth University and in the MA Creative Writing Program at John Hopkins University. She has served as Distinguished Writer in Residence at the University of the District of Columbia. As a literary consultant, she offers writing workshops, coaching, and manuscript evaluation services. maritagolden.com