UpJourney / How To Be More Organized
June 01

UpJourney / How To Be More Organized

by The Editors 

Sherry Richert Belul



Every morning, I turn on the voice recording app on my smartphone and I make a recording for myself about what’s happening today and who I want to be or how I want to show up for the day. 

While I am making the recording, I am conscious about letting my intuition drop in things I need to remember, ideas to make what I’ve got planned go more smoothly, ways to bring more joy into what I have planned, magical moments I can create for others, etc.

I keep my daily schedule in front of me, so I can easily see what meetings or deadlines I have today, as well as the creative projects I am working on.

I also use this daily recording as a way to remind myself of my bigger goals — long term dreams that are essential to me. Because I am holding these bigger dreams in my consciousness, there are always ways in which I am able to weave these into whatever I am doing today.

As I’m recording, I might jot down a word or two on my daily planner: “Oprah!” “One Million Love Lists!” “Celebration VIP Weekend!” Just seeing these words connects me to my dreams and keep me focused on them.

Making this recording helps sets the stage for the day. It tells my mind what it needs to remember and invites in ideas for better, more efficient ways to do things. Often, something will drop in such as, “While you are out buying flowers for the video recording, go to the post office and get stamps!”

All the credit for this practice goes to my spiritual teacher, Cheri Huber, who started this Recording and Listening Practice as a way to help train our brains to be more loving and kind. By making and listening to these kinds of recordings, we get to stay focused on the life we want instead of reacting to what comes at us — either internally or externally. This practice helps us be intentional and consciously loving toward ourselves.

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