UpJourney / 50+ Random Acts of Kindness (The Ultimate List)
December 12

UpJourney / 50+ Random Acts of Kindness (The Ultimate List)

Send love letters to strangers

Every year to celebrate my birthday, I send as many letters as to how old I am. (Next year I turn 56, so I will send 56 letters in 56 days to 56 strangers.) People share with me the name and mailing address of someone in their life who is grieving, ill, lost, lonely, or disappointed.

I send that person a letter — usually anonymously, from “The Universe.” This practice has brought me a deep sense of connection, not only to the person to whom I send the letter but also to the one who requested it. Usually, the person who requests the message is also having a tough time.

I try to offer them some love and compassion, too. I used to be someone who lived with depression and anxiety. I know how much a single gesture of kindness or love can help. I call these “pinpricks of light.” Each pinprick of light can help us find our way when we are lost in the dark.

Now that I am fortunate enough to have found my way through the darkness, I am dedicated to offering those pinpricks of light to others. And, as you might guess, for every love letter I post in the mail, I am filled with a sense of connection and love.



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