Prosperity Place/ Monk Yun Rou: Living a Peaceful Life-TPS344
January 19

Prosperity Place/ Monk Yun Rou: Living a Peaceful Life-TPS344



Monk Yun Rou: Living a Peaceful Life-TPS344

Monk Yun Rou: Living a Peaceful Life-TPS344

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Monk Yun Rou: Living a Peaceful Life – TPS 344

Monk Yun Rou has been called the new Alan Watts. Born Arthur Rosenfeld in New York City, he studied at Yale, Cornell, and the University of California and was ordained a Daoist monk in China. Host of the hit National Public Television show “Longevity Tai Chi”, he is the author more than 15 books and countless articles. His latest book is Mad Monk Manifesto.



  • Monk shares how he went from being Arthur Rosenfeld to Monk Yun Rou.
  • He discovered, after meeting many rich and famous people, that having fame and fortune doesn’t guarantee happiness.
  • Eastern philosophy made a lot of sense to Monk.
  • The TV show, Kung Fu, presented an alternative view of culture and had an effect on him.
  • Rather than use the words enlightenment or awareness, Monk prefers uncovering.
  • The idea of separation is a Western concept that leads to many problems.
  • I ask how he presents inner stillness as something worthwhile to aim for.
  • Rather than worrying about finding stillness, liberate yourself from struggle.
  • Monk talks about the advantage of not killing to eat.


The book The Mad Monk Manifesto

Monk Yun Rou’s website


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