Knowing When to Quit
November 12

Knowing When to Quit

No, I'm not giving up running or writing. And I'll never stop adoring Ed and the pupperina. We must continue the things we love even if they challenge us. Looking at you #ninetyninepercentgooddog. Sigh.

But recently, I made a difficult choice, not to quit, but to pause something even though I really enjoyed it.

From my early running days, I've considered myself a "ChiRunner" and "ChiWalker." The ChiRunning form focuses and philosophy serve me well. So, back in July, when I felt unmoored and needed a new structure, I enrolled in the five-month certification program to become a ChiRunning instructor.

The course began mid-August. I made new friends, found the lessons interesting and challenging, and looked forward to diving deep into the practice.

A week after the course began, Mango offered me the contract for the movement meditation book.

At first I thought, "No problem! I can do this." The ChiRunning lessons would inform the book. I believed I could juggle both.

By the third week, I was scrambling. I couldn't keep up with the course work. The zoom classes I'd initially enjoyed began to fill me with dread. I also realized I needed a refresher in my own ChiRunning technique before I could think about teaching!

And, I was having trouble getting to the page.

I despise not finishing things, especially coursework. I usually put my head down and drive forward at any cost. Challenge and structure sometimes pushes me to thrive.

But this was too much.

Gratefully, I remembered "gradual progress," a foundational ChiRunning  principle. Instead of forcing my way through, I could take my time, let the process unfold.

I took a step back.

Despite that haranguing inner voice, I wasn't "quitting." I simply put the certification course on pause. I can take it next year. The book comes first. For now, I will soak myself in the writing. When I return to the ChiRunning certification, I can dive deep in the way I prefer.

Especially now, with pandemic fatigue so high, any pause will serve us.

Do you need to pause something? How do you react to that thought?

I'd love to hear about it.


Do you choose a focus when you exercise? Have you incorporated meditation techniques into your movement? I continue to post movement meditation videos on Instagram. I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments.


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Take care and be well.

~ Nita 

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