Getting Sexy: TMI with Sarah Grant
November 11

Getting Sexy: TMI with Sarah Grant

I've been chatting to comedian Sarah Grant for her TMI podcast. Listen in if you're not shy about frank talk about sexy body parts and, well, Too Much Information! Girly chit chat you may regret listening to! 

So... trigger warning. We are adult females discussing some of the things medieval women may or may not have encountered which are up close and personal. Please keep this in mind, if you get clicky and join us.

The intended listening audiences are not the already-medieval crowd. Some of you may feel it's a bit not-specific-enough, but as a toe-dip into the waters of some of the things I've found to surprise unsuspecting regular people with... ooooh la la!

As always, for more information about the Very Secret Sex Lives of Medieval Women click here and you can order it online through your local bookseller, Amazon, Booktopia and the Book Depository.

You know you have questions!