Fupping/ 8 Best Fiction Books Released In 2018 You Should Read
November 02

Fupping/ 8 Best Fiction Books Released In 2018 You Should Read


Who doesn’t love curling up with a good fiction book on a stormy day by the fire? Here are 8 fiction books released in 2018 you should read.

#1 The Missing Activist by Louise Burfitt-Dons


With the growing number of cyber threats against female MPs over the course of the year coupled with the jihadi risk on the increase by female operatives, this is a fast-paced political thriller which is bang up to date and a wake-up call. The story is set in London, late 2016 but then books of this depth take a couple of years to emerge.

Contributor: Simone from Louise Burfitt-Dons




#2 So This Is the End: A Love Story by Alexandra Franzen


What if doctors could revive you from death―and give you an extra 24 hours of life? How would you spend your time? 

So This Is The End follows Nora Hamilton as she navigates her final 24 hours. She's determined to do something meaningful and make every moment count. 

Enter: Renzo. Ren, for short. Strong, compassionate, dreamy, unfairly attractive, with a face that makes Nora's stomach explode into stars. Their connection is immediate, with white-hot intensity. Nora is wracked with bittersweet joy and confusion as she realizes, I've finally met the love of my life. on the last day of my life. 

What happens next is a dreamlike story about taking chances, making your own rules, and the power of living like there's no tomorrow.

Contributor: Brenda Knight from Mango Media




#3 The Atlantropa Articles: A Novel


In an alternate timeline, World War II never takes place. Instead, a plan is put into effect by Hitler and the Nazi party to drain the Mediterranean Sea. They promise fertile land, millions of jobs and endless energy. Living space for a crowded continent. All of Europe came together and signed a treaty to realize this new world, it was called 'The Atlantropa Articles'.

Two millennia later, the Reich run the world. Aryans have become a race of their own, outnumbering their neighbors and ruling with a messianic passion towards Hitler. Europe has been united under the banner of the swastika. But the plan of a fertile lush land was never realized.

Now the Mediterranean Sea is a desert basin known only as the Kiln. Southern Europe has been abandoned. This is where Ansel's story begins.

A story of discovery, lies and false prophets. The Atlantropa Articles is an astounding science fiction, alternate history tale that will thrill and transport readers with its detailed world and startling intimacy.

Contributor: Brenda Knight from Mango Media




#4 The Day of Atonement: A Novel of the End


The Day of Atonement is a heart-pounding international thriller with a shocking mystery. Like an arch with an uncertain keystone, the world trembles around the holiest spot on Earth-the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. It's a crisis of the near future, and the slightest vibration can bring down devastating world war. 

The tremors start with the Pope's apparent murder and the disappearance of the most sacred of artifacts. Thrown unwillingly together, Ari, an Israeli intelligence agent, and Maryse, an Interpol art expert plagued by a violent past, trace the dim outlines of a conspiracy that threatens to bring about the end of everything. 

In the days to come, they chase across Europe an unknown enemy who seems to have been in two places at once. Follow Ari and Maryse as they race around Europe, searching for answers that seem to lead to a certain day-The Day of Atonement. 

The Day of Atonement is an epic and electrifying thriller that will have readers shocked with its twists and entertained with each adrenaline-packed page.

Contributor: Brenda Knight from Mango Media



#5 Kane and Abel by Jeffrey Archer


About twin brothers who rival for their father’s love. In a fit of rage, one brother murders the other and ends up on death row.

An unputdownable story, spanning sixty years, of two powerful men linked by an all-consuming hatred, brought together by fate to save―and finally destroy―each other.

Contributor: Michael Sharpe from Acute by Design




#6 All We Ever Wanted by Emily Giffin


This book shows the dangers of social media and how one post can affect someone’s life. If you feel like you’re constantly posting, you’ll want to read this book!

Contributor: Caleb Backe from Maple Holistics



#7 Severance by Ling Ma


If you love your fiction with a little bit of apocalypse, Severance is for you. It takes place in 2011, but not the 2011 that you remember. Basically, everyone gets a strange sickness making them only able to perform one task for the rest of their lives. There is obviously a group of people that were unaffected and this is their story to find a better, safer life.

Contributor: Caleb Backe from Maple Holistics




#8 An American Marriage (Oprah’s Book Club): A Novel



This book will make you throw it across the room in frustration. The main characters each have found themselves in very difficult situations. The only thing you can do is feel for them, the decisions they have to make, and the conversations that need to be had.

Contributor: Caleb Backe from Maple Holistics