Heart Wisdom: What We Need to Know About Love Today
February 09

Heart Wisdom: What We Need to Know About Love Today

Feb 09 | 4:30 pm (EST) | To register, please email: brianna@mangopublishinggroup.com
During the pandemic, we all felt the importance of love, connection, relationships, and positivity in our lives. Now that we are almost two years into this pandemic, what more do we need to learn? What do we need to know about LOVE and how it can support us going forward in our lives? How can we see our lives differently through the lens of love? 
Join us at this week’s Mango Publishing Author Panel to hear our  experts talk about how to love, inspiration, and positive relationships. 
Author Bios
Dubbed “The Love Doctor” by the San Francisco Chronicle, Daphne Rose Kingma is the author of a dozen best-selling about love and relationships, among them the classics, “Coming Apart," and “The Future of Love.” She has been a six-time guest on Oprah, and her books have sold more than a million and a half copies. Mango will release Kingma's “True Love: How to Make Your Relationship Sweeter, Deeper, and More Passionate” on February 15, 2022. 
June Cotner is the inspirational author of 37 books, which altogether have sold more than one million copies. June has appeared on national television and radio programs and her books have been featured in many national publications. June's newest book is "Hey! It’s Your Day:Inspirational Quotes & Affirmations to Live By." It is filled with positive quotes and motivational messages.
Sherry Richert Belul, author of “Say it Now: 33 Creative Ways to Say I Love You to the Most Important People in Your Life,” is the founder of Simply Celebrate, a business dedicated to helping people live colorful, connected, creative lives of love and appreciation.
The event starts at 1:30pm PST/4:30pm EST. It is free to join. Just email Brianna at Mango to receive the Zoom link. You can request to be added to our ongoing mailing list and receive the link every week. (No obligation to attend!)
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