Heart Wisdom: 2022 Health Reset
January 26

Heart Wisdom: 2022 Health Reset

Jan 26 | 4:30 pm (EST)n | To register, please email: brianna@mangopublishinggroup.com

During the pandemic we’ve seen the huge importance our health plays in our lives. Obviously, the healthier we are, the stronger our immune systems are. And the stronger our immune systems, the more we are able to fight off illness. 
We also know that our physical vitality can lift us up emotionally and help us feel more positive and enthusiastic. Join us at this week’s Mango Publishing Author Panel to hear our experts talk about how to reset your health this year!
It’s never too late to improve your health. Dr. Judith Pentz and Elise Marie Collins are here to help!
Author Bios: 
Judith E. Pentz, MD, is a holistic, alternative, and integrative psychiatrist with board certification in child, adolescent and adult psychiatry. She combines the best of Western and integrative medicine for support of your mental well being. Her  book, "Cleanse Your Body, Return to Your Soul" is a prescriptive memoir about her trek to India for an ancient ayurvedic cleansethat forged her path to her own healing. 
Elise Marie Collins is an intergenerational yoga instructor, health coach, and author with a master's in gerontology from USC. Her mission is to transform how Americans age and her book Super Ager, You Can Look Younger, Have More Energy, A Better Memory, and Live a Long and Healthy Life is an Amazon bestseller.
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