Happy + Responsible Mothering
May 05

Happy + Responsible Mothering

During this pandemic, people need all the support they can get. Mango Publishing wants to share the wisdom of its authors.
"Wisdom from the Heart During These Challenging Times" is a panel discussion that welcomes inspiring authors to share their wisdom and natural talents. They also provide helpful tips and practices for implementing self-care, love, compassion, and connection.
This week’s theme is Happy + Responsible Mothering. Our wonderful group will hear from moms of the 21st century and how they survive + thrive as a “mother” in today’s world.
Please join us Wednesday for a lovely conversation on motherhood. Furthermore, immerse yourself in thought-provoking discussions between authors and readers.
The authors will take questions from the audience.
This is a virtual panel, held on Zoom. Please arrive early. To register, please email: ramirezneverdie@gmail.com and she will send you the link.
*The panel includes*
LaToyia Dennis, author of "Hatch, Leap, Soar,” is a wife, mother, and parent enthusiast. She’s a dynamic, MBA-educated leader in the non-profit sector. Coined the Motivated Mom, she helps moms create strategies for success in living a healthy life of purpose, full engagement, and financial freedom.
Farrah Alexander is the author of “Raising the Resistance: A Mother's Guide to Practical Activism.” Her work focuses on feminism, parenting, social justice, politics, and current events. She is a member of the Everytown Author's Council, which was designed to "harness the power of the literary community to amplify the gun safety movement.”
Sherry Richert Belul, author of “Say it Now: 33 Creative Ways to Say I Love You to the Most Important People in Your Life,” is the founder of Simply Celebrate, a business dedicated to helping people live colorful, connected, creative lives of love and appreciation.
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