Powerful New Spring Releases!
May 04

Powerful New Spring Releases!

Hello all! I hope you're staying safe and being kind. While this April will certainly go down in the history books, it's also the beginning of the story for some of our favorite new books! Check out bestselling organizer Cassandra Aarssen's latest book The Declutter Challenge for a step-by-step, sane, and easy-to-follow process to decluttering your home! Real Estate Rescue comes from one of the nation's top real estate agents, Tracy McLaughlin, and offers meaningful advice on how to buy and sell homes wisely. The Burger King is the story of the fast food giant's beginnings from the founder himself: Jim McLamore. Burger enthustists and entrepeneurs alike will be fascinated by the story of Burger King's birth and rise to success. Lastly (but not leastly), Jeremy Bhandari's Trust the Grind takes the success stories of record-smashing atheletes and pulls out key habits for success to help individuals achieve their goals (whether sports related or not). 
The Declutter Challenge
A Guided Journal for Getting Your Home Organized in 30 Quick Steps
By Cassandra Aarssen
ISBN: 978-1-64250-231-2  $35.95 - paperback
Watch one of her Messy Makeovers here!
The Burger King
A Whopper of a Story on Life and Leadership
By James McLamore and Tucker McCormack
ISBN: 978-1-64250-282-4
$27.95 - hardcover
Learn more about Jim and the McLamore foundation here!
Real Estate Rescue
How America Leaves Billions Behind in Residential Real Estate and How to Maximize Your Home’s Value
By Tracy McLaughlin
ISBN: 978-1-64250-195-7
$22.95 - paperback
Learn more about Tracy here!
Trust the Grind
How World-Class Athletes Got to the Top
By Jeremy Bhandari
ISBN: 978-1-64250-244-2
$18.95 - paperback
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