Happy World Book Day!
April 23

Happy World Book Day!

Ok, I barely even know that it's Thursday, but this day is worth celebrating! Admit it, your inner calendar is a bit off too. Personally, I mostly keep track of what day it is by which Zoom meetings (work or personal) I have that day. Friends on Thursday. Cousins on Sunday. Editorial team on Wednesday. It helps, but I know we're still all a bit confused. 
So in case you've lost track of the days, our Spring Cleaning Humble Bundle is only available for a few more! Now's the time to snap up some of our greatest books while naming your own price. And, just a reminder, a portion of the proceeds are going to BINC to help independent booksellers affected by the COVID shutdown.


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We also have some upcoming events for you to enjoy fully online. If you need parenting tips, heart wisdom, publishing help, or leadership advice, our authors have got you covered!




Deb Eckerling, author of Your Goal Guide, is sharing her expertise in an online class focused on #SocialMedia for writers in partnership with Women's National Book Association on April 30th! 
Join Scott Miller, author of Management Mess to Leadership Success, live with bookclub next Wednesday at noon EST!
We've missed the live show, but enjoy Dr. John Duffy's (author of Parenting the New Teen in the Age of Anxiety) tips on handling kids and work during isolation, featured on WGN Radio  Chicago.